LED 19 – Is May the New Maggie? – Anti-Semitism in Sweden and Westminster – Women’s Football – Wrongful Birth – Sinclair Ferguson on Education – Transmania continues.


Light Engaging Darkness is a weekly post that tries to give a summary and comment on current cultural events, from a Christian perspective.  It’s important to say that these are personal opinions and not an attempt to say this is THE Christian view.  Some things are clear in terms of the Bible – others are not.  All I am trying to do is try to think out work out things in the light of Biblical perspectives.

  • Brexit – Is May the new Maggie? 

That was some week for the Prime Minister. At the beginning of the week she was dead in the water and a complete flop. At the end she is superwoman – having faced down the might of the EU and taken the Brexit negotiation on to another level. Her job is now safe (until after Christmas) and almost everyone is satisfied. Those who want Brexit are saying…

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