The Light in the Dark Days of Depression

Becoming Bridge Builders


“I am the light that has come into the world. No one who has faith in me will stay in the dark.” John 12:46

Everybody has dark days.  You know those times you don’t wish or can’t get out of bed. You’re afraid to face the world.  You are scared to face your anxiety, your depression, your anguish, your demons.  You don’t feel like it’s worth the effort.  You just want to throw in the towel.  You don’t want to see anyone nor do you want anybody to see you.  Holidays can make those days seem even blacker.   We all go through dark days or those seasons like this.

In this series of post leading up to Christmas I want us to look to the light of Christmas, Jesus Christ for our dark days.  I want us to look primarily at four types of dark days and how Christmas…

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