Use the Art of Persuasion When Sharing Biblical truths

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In the book of Acts, Luke uses the Greek terms for persuasion repeatedly in association with Paul. What meaning does this have as far as our making disciples is concerned?

In the original language of the Greek New Testament, “persuade” (peitho) means “‘to apply persuasion, to prevail upon or win over, to persuade,” bringing about a change of mind by the influence of reason or moral considerations, e.g., in Matt. 27:20; 28:14; Acts 13:43; 19:8.’”[1]  When we look at the root meaning, we discover further information that will help us in our mission to make disciples. Peitho conveys the idea of trust, i.e., “to have confidence, trust.”[2] Therefore, one way to persuade a person to accept the Word of God as true, you have to win his or her trust, so that he or she put faith in the truthfulness of the Bible. Of course…

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