God Drops by for Dinner

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Genesis 18:1-15

I must admit that it felt kind of weird typing the words “God drops by for dinner”, but that’s what happened. Abraham was sitting outside his tent one day when he sees three men approaching; they were God− Father, Son and Spirit.

No, I don’t think it was God and two bodyguards; what would He need bodyguards for?

Being a gracious host, Abraham offers something to eat and drink, and they accept. He tells Sarah to get busy baking bread; he selects a perfect calf and tells a servant to prepare it for roasting; the Three would be there for the day it would seem, for it takes a long time to go from flour to bread and from a living calf to a roasted one… They would be visiting for quite some time, just as close friends like to do.

I wonder how often we spend time…

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