Guest post: Translating (and editing) DNA – Wonder and Wonder

Science and Belief

800px-How_proteins_are_made_NSF By Nicolle Rager, National Science Foundation [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons I remember touring an auto manufacturer several years ago in the United States. The whole factory was a wonder to behold. Tiny parts started on an assembly line that eventually became, at the end of the process, a completed car. Hundreds of workers added parts and pieces to an unfinished vehicle slowly over time until, eventually, it would become a complex functioning vehicle. A wheel in the wrong place or no pistons in the engine, and the process would not produce a working vehicle. There were protocols that had to be followed. It all started, continued, and ended with a set of instructions that each worker had to meticulously follow at every step.

DNA translation is the process by which DNA instructions are turned into proteins. This process is essential to all living organisms. Much like an assembly line…

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