Out of the depths of my transgression, my heart screams for relief.

I grumble – I complain – I even blame God for my shortcomings.

How dare I challenge the Creator of heaven and earth?

Who do I think I am that I can question the One who molded me in my mother’s body?

I am but a worm – an insignificant gnat who persists and bothers.

In my distress a quiet voice reaches my ears. It tells me not to be afraid.

The voice is comforting and for a moment I let myself be soothed by its gentle caress.

Again I stumble. My feet cannot follow all the regulations for my life.

My hands feel useless. My heart is empty. I lose hope.

Again He whispers, “Do not be afraid.”

It is like the spinning of a revolving door – in and out of belief – around and around,

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