Movie Review: Calvinist

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Our church held a viewing party the weekend before Reformation Day and we watched the popular Calvinist documentary that was released this year for Reformation 500. I had anticipated a type of corny, Christian cinematography, but this movie was a delightful surprise. Spoiler Alert: If you’d like to be completely surprised by the contents of the documentary, then you may want to skip this post. I may not be spoiling any plot twists, but I do give a general overview of the documentary.

The movie discusses a wide away of topics as it pertains to Calvinism. It attempts to give a definition of Calvinism, its place in history, and its influence upon the world and Christianity. The movie discusses the following: the Recent trends of Evangelicalism; the Emerging Church; the Reformed Resurgence; the Historical Descriptions of the Reformation; and Luther and Calvin. It also goes through every doctrine of TULIP…

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