Recovering Reform: The legacy of RC Sproul

(This article was published on Christian Today)

-we remember Sinclair Ferguson as he is now in the US to preach at RC’s memorial tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th) – this will be livestreamed here

The Elim minister was quite adamant. Yes, he was a Pentecostal, but he was also very definitely Reformed. ‘How did that happen?’ I asked. ‘Oh, I went to Florida to hear RC Sproul.’His story is not uncommon. Robert Charles Sproul who died on December 14, 2017, aged 78, was an unusual pastor in the Reformed tradition.

RC Sproul
Pastor, theologian and broadcaster RC Sproul.

He was educated at Westminster College, Pittsburgh-Xenia Seminary, and at the Free University of Amsterdam. He established the Ligonier Valley Study Center in Pennsylvania in 1971, whose goal was ‘to awaken as many people as possible to the holiness of God by proclaiming, teaching, and defending God’s holiness in all its fullness’.

Later on he…

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