Sons of God

Fountains of hope poetry

A son or a friend

Who is dearer or closer?

A son sees what happens behind the scenes

A son sees their parents without  “make- up”… he sees the real deal

A son is aware of the the struggles in the family

A son sees the raw pain in their parent’s eyes after a loss

Or when they are disappointed

A friend shares burdens, sometimes

Even if close, a friend is not really part of the family

True, a friend can be closer than a brother

Yet a son sees the sacrifices made to make ends meet

A friend can walk away

A son remains a son no matter what

A friend or a son?

I am a son of God

Thank you Jesus for making this possible

Beloved, what a great honor it is to be called sons of God.

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed…

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