Mary’s Song for her Sons

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[Becky Castle Miller provides a view on Mary’s choices – bravery, obedience, mothering, teaching – and what they mean for us all at Christmas and throughout our lives.]

“Does Mary even exist for Protestants?” a Jewish friend asked me this week, when we were talking with a Catholic friend about the mother of Jesus.

I laughed and answered, “Not enough!”

Protestant Christians seem to think about Mary of Nazareth mostly at Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. But I think she is worth considering far more often. Mary’s radical obedience changed the world. She cared about the poor and the oppressed (and she probably had first-hand experience being both), and she looked forward to God’s promises of freedom being fulfilled. While she was pregnant, she sang a prophetic song of victory about the baby she was carrying and the work he would do:

“With all my heart I glorify the Lord!

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