Happy (Calvinist) Christmas


Happy (Calvinist) Christmas!


If you are reading this on Christmas Day – Happy Christmas….now get off your computer/phone and go and do something less boring instead – like eating turkey, watching the Queens speech or washing those dishes!   Maybe the computer isn’t such a bad option?

Christmas is not universally celebrated. If you are a Jehovah’s Witness then today is just a normal Monday.   If you are in a Christian school in India you were warned last week by extremist Hindu nationalists that you celebrate Christmas at your peril.   And there are a small number of Christians who as a matter of principle will not be celebrating today. Why? Because they don’t believe it is a Christian festival and they celebrate their freedom not to celebrate something that God does not require them to.

Puritan_ban_smallThere was a time when Christmas was either banned or hardly celebrated in Scotland…

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