Beginning-22 December 2017

Just me being curious

1024px-baptism_of_christ_-_arian_baptistry_-_ravenna_2016 The ceiling mosaic of the Arian Baptistry.

I recently made the comment that John’s gospel brings the Cosmic Christ to us in a Nativity beyond the Stars or does it? By this I infer that John’s Nativity Narrative takes us back to the beginning.

His opening verse echoes; Genesis 1.1 in that they both speak of the Beginning of SOMETHING.

In the beginning God Created the Heavens  and the  Earth  and In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God- Logos,( And the Word was God). For now, the Venn diagramme is in the Heavenlies.

Enter stage left- the never-ending circle, for God has no beginning nor end. I used to ponder this as I inscribed a circle, they always began somewhere, at the point where the pencil of my compass first touched my paper. I f God is eternal, it must be in a nonlinear something…

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