The Return of the Magi

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[From the archives.]

“So, you have made it home safely,” said the king.

“Yes, Sire. It was a longer journey than we expected, but a journey I would not have missed for my very life,” said one of the king’s counselors.

“Nor I,” said another. “The things we saw! If anything can be called heavenly, that was what we received from our travels west.”

“Truly? You must tell me, then. Did Herod treat you well?”

“Well … I wouldn’t say he mistreated us,” said another wise man.

“What’s this? Surely he must have been pleased that you had come to celebrate the Jews’ blessed event.”

“Sire, as soon as we asked him about the birth of the promised King, Herod seemed confused, even agitated. He called for his own wise men and made them search their sacred writings.”

“Are you telling me the King of Judea knew not of…

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