A Prayer for the New Year – 2018


I used to find it really helpful at the New Year, not only to reflect on the Year that is past, but also to make ‘resolutions’ for the year that lies ahead. The usual ones (lose weight, exercise more, be more organised, manage my finances better, be nicer on social media, get off social media!) seldom lasted beyond the end of January. This year I am not making a list – instead there is just one wish/desire/prayer that I have.

John Newton writing to a friend in 1776 observed about his own situation, in words that reflect mine in 2018.

“I am still supported, and in some measure owned, in the pleasing service of preaching the glorious gospel to my fellow sinners; and I am still happy in an affectionate, united people. Many have been removed to a better world, but others have been added to us; so that I…

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