Hi everyone, I hope and trust ya’ll had a safe New Year. Mine was spent quietly at home with mom.

So, tomorrow morning 7:30 Am I’m scheduled for my colon reattachment surgery. I’m currently going thru the bowel prep, what joy :D, in the background I can hear Jerry Seinfeld yelling “Release the hounds”.

It’s anticipated to have the complete surgery done robotically and there’s no anticipation of a temporary bag to be attached. Which will keep my hospital stay down to only 2 or 3 days. If it can’t be done completely robotically then it will require a longer stay of approximately 7 days with a temporary bag attachment.

Once I’m home, I’ll be on a low fiber diet for about 2 weeks, with a 50% capacity daily routine, walking lifting, etc., for the above time frame.

Please pray or me and all the hospital staff, surgeons and assistants involved with the surgery. My first thoughts were this might decrease my online presence, but after much prayer and the many discussions with the medical team, I may not see any change in my ability to blog, or in my case re-blog. 🙂

To all those who knew and have followed up regarding the goings on of my dysfunctional behind, from the heart of my bottom 😀 , thank you!!


In Christ,