A Scientific-Minded Supernaturalist

Jamin Bradley

Being an avid Charismatic, it’s ironic that I wrote a more scientific book on aliens called, Alien Theology. For before I made myself aware of science, I spent much of my time pursuing the supernatural ways of God. I’ve seen people healed while praying for them. I’ve casted out demons. I’ve had spiritual dreams and felt the leading of the Holy Spirit. I’ve witnessed dozens of people get knocked to the ground as God has come upon them. I’ve had encounters with God that has imparted to me the strength to stand strong in faith when I study science.

So do note that as I engage in scientific conversation throughout my book, I am not in anyway denying the supernatural and spiritual side of things. I understand that the supernatural is offensive to the scientifically-minded, but I cannot deny a treasure-trove of spiritual experience in my life in order…

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