Luke (TOTC) by Leon Morris

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This jewel of a commentary and was first written in 1974 and revised in 1988 by the venerable Leon Morris. It will likely be replaced soon as the whole Tyndale New Testament Commentary (TOTC) series is under revision, but I suggest you secure a copy as it is the ideal brief commentary on Luke. Leon Morris was the editor of the whole series before this latest round of revision kicked in, and understood what made a good commentary. In addition, there’s always a glowing spiritual warmth that pervades good scholarship in his writings. This volume on Luke is one of his great ones.

In the Introduction, he discusses authorship, date, language, Luke as a theologian, and the relationship of Luke to the other Gospels. He is thoroughly conservative throughout. The commentary is sterling. In fact, I fail to see how any reader couldn’t benefit from this fine book. If I…

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