Samaritan's Song

I’ve journaled for decades.

Decades.  I have a sundry collection of letter-to-God Word files (yes, I type them) that date back years.  But journaling was never a particular part of my regular Bible study or prayer time.  Rather, it was supplemental, something that I did as circumstances or feelings warranted: writing out my questions or realizations to God as a sort of prayer.  I suspect I will always do that.

But with the intention to enrich and deepen my prayer life, I started a different kind of journaling recently.  At the beginning of the day, after Bible study, I take a few minutes to hand-write a prayer for the day.  It often touches on the day’s Scripture and how I hope to learn or grow in the Lord, with a focus on one or two intercessory requests.  The goal is to learn to “pray deep,” and so I write the…

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