It is our fourth anniversary together.

On our previous celebrations, we did it out-of-the-city. For this year, in the midst of our bustling careers, unexpected promotions, and workaholic-drive to pay for that-dream-wedding-someday, we settled to celebrate in Quezon City.

We opted for a staycation– wherein literally we will lock ourselves for 24 hours.  We missed each other. I work at night while she works on the day. We think this is a great idea.

( And just in case we get hungry, we will just eat each other we will just order food or a candle lit dinner. )

Here are the two things you should do as a couple on a staycation:

1.) Play with each other

Do not bring your office work for love-sake. No one should text nor play any video games.

Book a spacious room where you can run freely on the aisle, jump gracefully on…

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