Lord Mackay’s life is a shining beacon in an age of secular dogmatism


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Lord Mackay of Clashfern rose from humble beginnings to become Lord High Chancellor

Published: 07:00 Wednesday 10 January 2018

 “There is no Scotsman, indeed no British person in public life whom I admire more” – thus begins Sinclair Ferguson’s foreword to J. Cameron Fraser’s new book, Learning from Lord Mackay, that serves as a good introduction to a much understated and underappreciated public servant.

When the list of disgraced politicians and celebrities lengthens by the day, there is a tendency for the ­general public to be both self-righteous (‘thank God we are not like them’) and despairing (‘they’re all at it!’). It is good to be reminded that there are good and faithful ­public servants. James Peters Mackay is one of those.

The story of the now Lord Mackay is an extraordinary one. The son of a railway worker from Clashfern in Sutherland and a mother from ­Caithness, James Mackay…

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