To Berlin for a “marble inscription from Soba” – a trip and a blog post by Vincent van Gerven Oei

Medieval Sai Project

Only a couple of days have passed, since I repeated an invitation to feel free to send for posting in this blog your texts with Nubiological interest, and already I have the honor to host a short report from a most productive trip to Berlin by Vincent van Gerven Oei. Thanks Vincent and, ontrakagoueke, enjoy!


On a chilly Friday morning I arrived at a non-descript commercial zone in the outskirts of Berlin, close to Schönefeld airport. I was supposed to meet Frank Marohn, a conservator from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, who would show me an object with archival number ÄM 2262.


Only a few months ago, through the intercession of Alexandros, did we discover that this object found in Soba and containing a Nubian (but definitely not Old Nubian) text, still existed in the archive. I was now going to meet it in real life.


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