An Incident Before the Temple

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Acts 3:1-10

Om a certain day, Peter and John were headed into the temple area for afternoon prayer, which appears to have been the custom of the early church. There was a crippled man there; he was always there, begging for money because it was his only means of survival, having been unable to walk since birth. In a scene like so many that we find in the Gospel accounts of Jesus, they stopped and healed the man (3:6-7).

This story gives some substance to what we read in the previous passage (2:43) regarding the many wonders and signs being performed by the Apostles, of course this is the first one that Luke specifically relates to us.

As we read this, most of us will recall that when Jesus began His ministry, He, the embodiment of the Kingdom of heaven went from place to place proclaiming the Kingdom, teaching God’s…

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