Amsterdam Starter: 6 Interesting Things To Do on a Winter

Words and Images by Thuc Anh Cao Xuan—

On a holiday trip during winter, I don’t have to be bored because there were many other things to do in this city. Plus, I feel the warm welcome of my friends who have been staying in the Netherlands for a while now. If you are similar to my situation or a fellow from a tropical country who booked a cheap flight to Amsterdam and discovered that it is winter, you can go ahead and check these 5 things on my list:

1.) Visit Van Gogh Museum

Image 1.jpg

One of the most iconic figures of the Netherlands is, of course, Van Gogh. With the movie Loving Vincent having come out still recently, the Van Gogh wave is even stronger. I bought an online ticket that costs 18 euros, plus 5-euro-audio tour to Van Gogh Museum in order to skip the waiting line. The…

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