Ecclesiastes 3: The Naked Ape and Eternal Life

The late Christopher Hitchins in his last book made one of the saddest statements I have ever heard: ‘I don’t have a body, I am a body.’

If that were true then the company in Arizona that believes in cryonics might be worth checking out. It freezes human bodies at minus 320 degrees in the hope that some day in the future they can unfreeze you and bring you back to life. Your head will cost you £42,000, your whole body £80,000.

ReutersBodies can be cryogenically frozen in the hope they can be revived. This file picture shows Dr Jerry Lemler, CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, in its Patient Care Bay.

But maybe we are more than just a body?

Solomon has been reflecting on life ‘under the sun’. Last week we looked at the problem of happiness and the burden of eternity. He makes further observations about…

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