Apocryphal Writings

Phil 3:2-11; John 17:1-8, 25-26

A sermon preached at Port Charlotte United Methodist Church (the first of three focusing on the congregation’s mission statement: “KNOW Christ.  GROW more like Christ. GO to serve Christ.”)

Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi is one of his most personal.  It’s written to a congregation that, unlike the congregations in Galatia and Corinth, really seems not to have given Paul much trouble.  The Philippian Christians weren’t tossed this way and that in their loyalty, now toward Paul, now toward more recent teachers telling them something different and calling Paul’s message and authority into question.  This congregation was remarkably supportive of Paul, both in his missionary work and in his imprisonment – and Paul trusted this congregation enough to accept their support, something he did not do in regard to the Christians in Corinth, since they seem to have been in danger of thinking…

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