One Foot Out of Eden

Just me being curious

Bereshit, In the beginning. A word with which the yearly Pasha begins in the Jewish cycle of Readings. .


Eden that place where our first  Parents walked with God; until they disobeyed just one rule, “please,for your  own good, do not eat the fruit of this tree ”

Do you remember when  as children, your parents told you not to play in the old  quarry. Well it was me who was told, and what do you know that’s exactly what I did, there sure must have been some thing special  about that magic place! Just like that tree father God asked his  children  not to eat.

Remember The Bible wasn’t written to us.


According  to Rashi’s commentary there where 5 children born to Adam and Eve, before they left the Garden.  Chapter 4 verse 1, the entire commentary for verse 1 is below.

Show Rashi

Now the man…

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