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My life is filled with twists and turns, with bumps along the path.
A crooked road that’s filled with holes – reminders of God’s wrath.
The way becomes corrupted with thorns and tangled webs.
My feet are often stifled, my hope and spirit ebbs.

It seems as though I’ll never reach the end of that dark road.
I know my back is burdened down, with a very heavy load,
But there beyond my mind’s dark fears, lies light to lead the way.
My Lord and Savior, Jesus, Christ, is reaching out to say,

“Come follow me, my little lamb. I’ll lead you to your rest.
I’ll never let you fall again, no longer will I test,
Your journey has been difficult, but you’ve not been alone,
Come follow me, my servant, and let me take you home.”

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