Tuesday Talk 23rd January 2018 Rebuilding the temple

Hayley Boden

The UK is well known for it’s magnificent church buildings. No matter which city you visit, there will most certainly be an ancient church building, planted in a prominent and focal position. My nearest city is Lichfield and is well known for it’s three-spired cathedral.

The tallest spire stands at almost 252 feet, meaning wherever you are in Lichfield, you are able to see the Cathedral, towering above every other building. I think that’s pretty amazing and I’ve always been fascinated by the amount of work that would have gone into building such a glorious place of worship.

A news article I read today in The Church Times caught my attention. A church in Bristol, that has been closed for 65 years, after being bombed during WWII, is going to be restored and rebuilt over a 6 year period. I found this particularly interesting in light of the recent…

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