Your Other Small Group: Why You Should Have Two

Thinking Out Loud

Back in the day, they were called cell groups.

In the earliest models provided by church growth experts they were drawn as small circles (cells) connected to a large circle (the parent church). They later came to be known as small groups or house groups or house church fellowships.

Full disclosure: My wife and I haven’t been in one for a long time. In some ways her worship teams provide that fellowship and interaction for her. My bookstore community provides a huge source of connection throughout the week. If we could find the right group, meeting at the right time that works with our schedules, I would certainly want to sign up.

I am a great believer in small groups. At the fastest growing church movement in Canada, The Meeting House, pastor Bruxy Cavey is known for telling his people, “If some week you face a choice between attending…

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