The Darkest Hour – A Film that Changed my Mind

I went to see The Darkest Hour on a grey January Dundee afternoon and it had a profound impact. In fact it did the impossible – got me to change my mind about a couple of things on which I had had very strong opinions!

But first the film itself. The star of course is Gary Oldman as Churchill   it is impossible to describe how good he is in it – you will have to go and see for yourself. He IS Churchill. If he does not get the Oscar it will only be because Hollywood has become so PC as to render its honours system virtually meaningless.   Kirstin Scott Thomas as his wife, Clementine is also excellent.  As is Lilly James as his secretary.

It is the direction of Joe Wright that really makes the film. He tells the story superbly and uses images of light and darkness beautifully…

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