8 Must-Knows when going to Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte, Philippines


It was a butt-hurting but fulfilling experience as there are no direct flights yet to the sunny town of Palompon. After your flight from Manila to Daniel Z. Romualdez airport, you have to  take a van trip for 3 hours from Tacloban City’s bus terminal and take a boat trip for an hour to Kalanggaman Island. In the midst of long hour hauls and butt pains, you will ask ‘why are you doing this?’—- you will realise that you have already travelled far and there is no point of turning back. When you reach the Island, you will understand– there are many things in life that are best appreciated when you suffer— like this butt-hurting and fulfilling journey.

Here are the 8 items that you should know when going to Kalanggaman Island:

1.) All How-Tos can be coordinated with Palompon Tourism Municipal Office 

After alighting from Palompon Bus Terminal, you…

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