Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

You might be thinking that I am going to advertise or highlight some international event that is specific to foreign languages. I’m sorry, but I’m going to go a different which I tend to do in most of my posts. This “foreign language event” was a basketball game. “How was it a foreign language event?” you might ask. It’s because I am a fish out of water at any sporting event. People were shouting phrases from the bleachers when I’m used to shouting Amen. Calls were being made by referees, and I just sit there and watch who has the ball.

I used to begrudge how I am wired. I tried to be an athlete and failed. I attempted to be other things, discovered who I am and eventually became content with that. Sporting events are not my element, but I have learned to try to blend in.

Just because…

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