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A couple of years ago I reviewed a book on Followership, called  Embracing Followership: How to Thrive in a Leader-Centric Culture (Kirkdale, 2016) by Allen Hamlin. There are lots of books on leadership, but few that describe what it means to follow (though some business team resources get at some of this). Leaders cast vision and give direction but good followership is essential if an organization is going to enact the vision and get the job done. Followers follow through, providing a supportive network, help provide guidance and contribute to the leader’s development. Organizations cannot succeed without good followership. Hamlin discusses how to develop our followership, our relationship with other followers and leaders and a leaders relationship to followers.

contentHamlin’s book is a worthwhile read. He has just released an accompanying Discussion Guide for Teams and Small Groups. The book is designed to help facilitate discussion of the principles that Hamlin…

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