Praise, Reading, Prayer and Preaching (Romans and Gospel of John) from St Peters – 21st January

After our experiment last year recording the whole service we have decided to do that permanently.  Everything is recorded except the pastoral prayer and the missions prayer (for reasons of confidentiality).   I prefer to listen to the whole service – the recording is excellent and its great to join in the praise (led by John Cooper).   If you wish to get the sermons only you can get them on the St Peters website The evening one from Sinclair especially was stunning.

Morning Service – 21st Jan – Baptism of Emily Grace MacMillan

Songs:   I Stand Amazed in the Presence; Grace (City Alight); Ps 82;  Romans 5:7-11; Amazing Grace (Tomlin)

Readings: Philippians 2:12-18 ; Psalm 82

Sermon:  Romans 5:6-11 – “God Has Proved His Love for Us” 

The Evening Service-  21st January – 

Songs: Come People of the Risen King ;  Salvation Belongs to our God; Psalm 16:1-7…

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