Review: Come to the Waters

prpbooks-images-covers-md-9781629953366James Montgomery Boice (1938-2000) was the Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for over thirty years. A notable Reformed thinker, the life and ministry of Boice has been influential and far-reaching in America Evangelicalism and beyond. Boice was a prominent protector of biblical inerrancy and the authority of Scripture, and his literary output continues to serve pastors and students. Boice is known for his lucid writing style, Reformed conviction, and gospel-driven application. Thus, the idea of having the ‘best of Boice’ presented as a daily devotional should be considered attractive to many.

Come to the Waters: Daily Bible Devotions for Spiritual Refreshmentgathers together the finest expositional excerpts of James Montgomery Boice in short, palatable single-page readings. The title of the book is drawn from a hymn written by Boice in partnership with Paul Jones, which is included following the devotional. The compilation work of D. Marion Clark,

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