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Acts 11:19-30

Once again in these verses, we see the result of the persecution that forced so many believers to flee Jerusalem; they were dispersed a long way, and they took the gospel with them. Naturally, those who fled Jerusalem only shared the gospel with other Jews, since they all knew how filthy Gentiles were, but here we begin to see an interesting thing happen, for when they shared Christ with Jews in faraway places, such as Cyprus, they brought men into the faith who did not share their cultural and social disgust for Gentiles, and these new believers shared Jesus with Gentiles and thought nothing about it (11:20-21). These new Christians had grown up in Gentile lands; they had been accustomed to mixing with Gentiles, unlike their brethren back in Judea…

That’s how the city of Antioch comes into the story; these men took the gospel to Antioch. A…

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