Eclectic Orthodoxy

In this series of “illuminations,” I quote passages from David Bentley Hart’s collection of essays The Hidden and the Manifest that I have found particularly instructive. I hope they will generate good discussion.

The heart of Christian preaching is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ–Pascha! And perhaps that is why authentic preaching so rarely happens. It is much easier to urge the brethren to repentance and commit themselves to good works or wax lyrical on the unconditional love of God or expound upon a doctrine of the catholic faith. Resurrection inevitably gets worked into the preaching, especially on Easter and at funerals, but most other days it’s just missing. And it’s easy to understand why: the significance of Pascha is difficult to fathom, much less put into words. We know it’s supposed to be good news (especially for Jesus), but what does it really mean for us? How is…

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