LED 23 – Suing the NHS; Finance or Freedom?; Trump and Morgan; Ofsted and ‘Muscular Liberalism’; Star Wars on the Sabbath; the Astonishing Rachael Denhollander; Should Christians eat Meat?; Chick-Fil-A; Karl Marx


This weeks LED has everything from Karl Marx to Chick-Fil-A, Donald Trump, Piers Morgan, Muscular Liberalism, Star wars on the Sabbath, the key Brexit question, and an incredible testimony from Rachael Denhollander..

  • Suing the NHS.

_99853731_surgery_gettyThe NHS is important. Very important. I speak as a beneficiary of and contributor to it. But the NHS is in trouble and one of the reasons is the compensation culture which has become part of Britain’s cultural make-up. I was astounded to hear in this BBC report  that NHS bosses think it could cost up to £65 billion over the next few years. That is half the annual budget for the NHS. Of course there are those who should be compensated if they have been the victims of negligence or bad treatment, but the system is unfair and is costing the taxpayer a fortune. The ambulance chasing lawyers (and I speak from personal experience…

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