BIBLICAL STUDIES: History of the New Testament Writings

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New Testament Manuscript_Greek Manuscript

Dr. Thomas Marshall

As we begin our study, let us pause to consider the background to the writings that we have today that we call our Bible. If we say that this is God’s Word, how did we get it? Can we trust it? Is this all that God has to say?

These questions cannot be answered in depth in this paper, but a starting point can be given, and I encourage the serious student of God’s Word to look deeper into these areas.


First, in the delivery of God’s Word to us, there are three aspects. These are Revelation, Inspiration, and Illumination.

Revelation is God’s communication of truth to man. You could call this “from God to man,” it is man hearing what God wants to be written. The word revelation means an uncovering, the drawing away of the veil. This is what God did in…

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