Principles and Techniques of Biblical Interpretation

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father and daughter reads the Bible

By Kieran Beville


There are many principles that assist the interpreter in understanding the biblical text. For example, the covenant principle differentiates between the various contracts that God has made with his people, specifically their provisions, their parties and their purposes. The Christocentric principle helps us to understand that the mind of deity is eternally centered in Christ. All angelic thought and ministry are centered on Christ. All Satanic hatred is centered on Christ. All human hopes should be centered in Christ. The whole material universe is centered in Christ. The entire written Word is centered in Christ.

How to Interpret the Bible-1The context principle sheds light on a subject through either near or remote passages bearing upon the same subject.

The first mention principle strikes a keynote whereby the first mention of a subject indicates the mind of God on the matter.

The progressive mention principle is the idea that God makes…

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