Psalm 81 (What God requires and gives in worship), Ephesians 3 and Praise, Prayer, reading and preaching from St Peters

Last Sunday we had a phenomenal Lord’s Day – it was a time of celebration, joy and hearing from the Lord.  I thought the sung praise was especially powerful.  We now make the whole service (apart from the pastoral and mission prayers) available online.  220px-Tin_WhistlesYou can subscribe to the podcast (or we also have one that is just the sermon) or listen to it on the St Peters website   This week I have greatly benefited from listening to and joining in the praise again.  I hope you find it as beneficial as me.  For the first time I can remember we had a penny whistle helping us with our praise (thanks to Marcin!)…We also sang a beautiful hymn (Christ is Mine Forevermore) which was new for many people – but the words have stuck in my head and heart all week!

Now at the dedication of the wall of…

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