Review: The Pray As You Go App

Samaritan's Song

In my ongoing journey to enrich and enliven my prayer life, I have been taking advantage of all sorts of tools.  I have started a dedicated journal, wherein I write a prayer for the day that I hope will become the repeated refrain and theme of that day.  I am trying to broaden the depth and scope of my prayers, too.

But my biggest frustration has been my inability to keep my prayer life up with any consistency throughout the day.  I feel that after 1 p.m. my prayer life loses any form of consistency and coherence; I pray random one-sentence thoughts, when I think of them; I feel like I’m missing out on a sustained conversation with God.

So I ended up trying out the Pray As You Go app.  And, to my surprise, I like it quite a lot.

I say “to my surprise” because the app is…

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