Fountains of hope poetry

Pray, give thanks to God. Just as one out ten leapers came back to give thanks, be the one who comes back to give thanks.

Pray, ask for guidance.

Pray, when things get tough

Pray, when things seem easy

Pray, when you get to the top. Do not forget what the Lord has done

Pray, enter His courts with the confidence of a child who has been redeemed and ask for anything in Jesus’ name and our wise God will answer according to His will.

Pray, to the most able, mighty, strong, dependable, faithful, wise, loving, amazing, awesome, eternal and indescribable God

Pray, dance with Him, talk to Him and find delight in being with Him. A dance of freedom, that releases healing and freedom. Let go and be as a trusting child, who does not need to understand everything.

Pray, for there is a song in your heart that…

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