The Origins of the EU – Greek Workers, UK Remainers and Jean Monnet – (The Great Deception – Part 2)

The Brexit saga rolls on.  This week Nicola Sturgeon demanded that the UK stay in the Customs Union (in effect the same as remaining in the EU – but without any say!);  numerous panic buttons were hit as Project Fear was ratcheted up; and the attempt to stop Brexit was continued with Tory, Liberal, Labour and SNP Remainers upping their hysteria.  It’s interesting how everything the EU says is, in their eyes is so decisive, strong and wonderful that the UK must just bow down before the demands of the EU technocrats.    And right on cue – as I write a ‘Lord’ has come on the BBC News to tell us why £400,000 from the Billionaire currency speculator, George Soros, is being used to fund ‘democracy’ by preventing Brexit.  The word ‘irony’ seems to be missing from his dictionary!

Nationwide Strike Over Anti-Austerity Measures In GreeceOne interesting ‘fact’ that the liberal/left supporters of the EU…

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