Truth in Palmyra

John 11.25 26

John 11:21-27

Friends, if you knew for a fact that this life was the entirety of your existence, how would you feel? I am pretty certain most of us would feel as Mary and Martha seemed to have felt: hopeless and sad. Their beloved brother was dead, and under this scenario, he was simply gone; in this world view he was just a clump of cells which had ceased functioning. That may be the saddest outlook on life that could possibly be.

Yet, these sisters certainly did not seem to be without hope. We see that Martha, although a bit miffed that Jesus had taken so long to get to them, believed that her brother would yet have eternal life. She knew her brother’s earthly life had ended, but that she would be with him again someday.

Then in one of the most hopeful passages in all of Scripture, Jesus…

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