Looking for the Moses People


Why was the theory advocated by Brian Peterson, that the priests at Anathoth wrote down and edited the Deuteronomy flavored history from Joshua-2 King, worth considering? After all, you might say any adherent of Mosaic Yahwism could have taken up those themes.

One of the things that comes from carefully considering the data of the Hebrew Bible is just how much of a minority the advocates of the main biblical tradition were.

Most Israelite religion seems to have mixed the Moses tradition of one God with a cult involving the goddess Asherah, who many called the “Queen of Heaven”.  People probably thought of her as the consort or wife of Yahweh/Baal, the King of Heaven.  In the early days Baal was just another name for El or God.  But after Jezebel and the incursion of a foreign Baal priesthood, there were violent attacks on both sides attempting to suppress the other’s…

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