The Last Supper—a New Covenant Passover


by Dr. Doug Kennard, Professor of Christian Scriptures, Houston Graduate School of Theology

Jesus begins His ministry at His baptism around 28 AD.[1] His ministry is at least two years long on the basis of the mention of a Passover early in His ministry (Jn 2:13, 23), a Passover close to the feeding of the 5000 (Jn 6:4), and a Passover as the Last Supper. So, the earliest the Last Supper could be is 30 AD. There are no other Passovers mentioned during Jesus’s ministry but neither does any account claim that all festivals are mentioned. Historically, Jesus was crucified between 30-34 AD because after this Pilate became too entangled with a rebellion in Samaria and then was removed by the Roman Senate.[2] So, this is the same range of when the Last Supper might have occurred 30-34 AD.

The Last Supper is likely located a day early…

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