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If you are interested in Archaeology and the Bible, and especially if you’re curious what it’s like to join a dig, a new video is available for your enjoyment. The video covers recent work at biblical Lachish and was created by Bob Henry and Rachel Martin, a couple that participated in recent excavations there. Lachish is one of the most important sites in Israel with major discoveries, old and new, that illuminate our understanding of the Bible and its times.

Screen Shot_Tel Lachish Aerial view of Tel Lachish from the new video. Notice the tent shades over several of the work areas. (Screen shot)

Why dig at Lachish, specifically? What is it like to be on a dig? How do these excavations affect our understanding of biblical times and events? The video interviews dig volunteers from all walks of life plus co-Directors Prof. Yossi Garfinkel and Prof. Michael Hasel. (I also make a…

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