SBL Handbook of Style

SBLHS 2 § provides guidelines on how to format bibliographic entries for modern works that have titles in non-Latin alphabets (e.g., Modern Hebrew, Greek, and Cyrillic). As noted there, the titles of such works should ordinarily be given in translation only, with the original language indicated in parenthesis. The handbook does not, however, specify where the language notation should be placed. Should it be placed immediately after the title, or should it be placed at the end of the bibliographic entry?

We recommend that the language notation be placed immediately following the article or book title in square brackets (not parentheses, as suggested in the handbook). Note that any punctuation required by the bibliographic format should follow the language notation.

3. Ruth Fidler, “Dreams Speak Falsely?” Dream Theophanies in the Bible: Their Place in Ancient Israelite Faith and Traditions [Hebrew] (Jerusalem: Magnes, 2005).

Fidler, Ruth. “Dreams Speak Falsely?” Dream Theophanies…

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