“I’m sorry, but…”

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How many times have you apologized to someone for being short-tempered, irritable or forgetful?

Nearly all of us have said something along these lines:

I’m sorry for being short with you, but I’m so stressed out.”

I’m sorry I am late paying my bill, but I misplaced it.”

I’m sorry I forgot your birthday, but I was having a bad day and it made me forgetful.”

What do we blame for our shortcomings?






We blame everyone and everything except ourselves.

Couching our apologies in excuses is an act of self-justification rather than sincere apology. We are quick to justify our bad behavior and even quicker to withhold mercy from those who apologize to us.

Oddly enough, the word “apology” is derived from the latin “apologia” meaning, “aspeechindefense,” or fromapologeisthai“tospeakinone’sdefense.” While an apology in…

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